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MEMOSTANG  EL-04|MB Program and operation manual - Download latest software - Price list    

The EL-04 type data acquisition module is a small, shock-, drop- and waterproof intelligent memory device with long time energy source built in a rugged stainless steel tubular case with rubber holder and leather strap. Its basic function is to read various events, location identifiers and optionally temperature data stored at checkpoint terminals in Dallas Semiconductor chips, and then record all these information with real time/clock date stamp in its internal non-volatile memory. Read and record procedure is initiated by operator's manipulation, touching the checkpoint terminal socket with the "MemoStang" device tip configured specially for this purpose as an electrical connector. The data acquisition module acknowledges every successful action with short double flashlight and peep tone, and then stores all data acquired at the checkpoint touch port with timestamp identifier. These records can be read and used later for e.g. registration, documentation or account purposes.

Memostang EL-04|MB
For data management, evaluation and post processing the manufacturer offers Win9X, Win2000 or WinNT based utility for PC platforms, especially configured for creation of action logs, activity time sequences etc. This utility program facilitates enlisting of checkpoint identifiers into records with fields as serial number, item identifier, location description, installation date, free comment etc. "MemoStang" data acquisition has a long life, high capacity internal power source, with an operating temperature range of -55°C . + 85°C. Also the lifetime and charge state of this energy source can be easily checked with the same PC based utility program. An adapter and adapter cable link the data acquisition module to PC port. Checkpoint touch port can be installed simply and fast, because they do not need any local power source. These touch ports can be indoor individual devices type "iButton" or outdoor units nicknamed as "CheckPoint", or can be advanced types as e.g. "ThermoPoint" with additional features (Anti Clone System). The spring operated, coaxial style "MemoStang" tip is a self-aligning electrical connector manufactured to endure many ten thousands of touch operations and assure reliable and fast data transfer even under adverse environmental conditions. Its stainless steel case guarantees excellent mechanical and chemical protection withal serves as efficient RFI/EMI shielding for the internal electronics. Belt sheath, spring-hook fixing and leather wrist loop make the handling easy and complete the features of the "MemoStang" device.

Application areas:

Security system applications

  • patrol poll
  • entry and checkpoint control
  • entry logging and confirmation
  • alertness and regularity checking
  • open or hidden event logging

Spatial and time tracing of delivery routes

  • to optimalize fuel drawing and consumption control
  • tracing precious goods in manufacturing and during commercial expedition
  • product identification

Technology process observation, coupling process control with security system monitoring

  • cold-storage houses temperature and security control
  • HVAC and cooling equipment supervision made possible by checkpoint port temperature measurement feature as "ThermoPoint"

Technical parameters:

  •  Casing: stainless steel cylindrical case with rubber grasp and wrist loop
  •  Size: 22 mm diameter, 180 mm length
  •  Weight: 35 grams
  •  Operating temperature range: from - 40 °C to + 70 °C
  •  Data storage: last 4096 data records stored (date, time, id., temperature, battery voltage)
  •  Record interval: from 1 second to hours (adjustable)
  •  Real time clock accuracy: +/- 2 minutes per month at 25 C°
  •  Power source: special Li battery SL760, lifetime min 1 year / 50 000 recording event
  •  Option: advanced data and program security version fitting individual user needs